Monday, October 11, 2010

Toronto Pride.

As mentioned,  I love my Toronto poster by Ork.  I chose a simple black thin custom frame, and decided I would use it in my dining area since the black & white helped balance the busy wallpaper.  My dream was to find a pair of original paintings to balance each wall, but the reality is that I have bigger $$$ projects still to do in this place.  Paintings may need to wait for the next house.

After a weekend in New York with Mom (SO fun!) I'm always impressed with New York pride.  Toronto needs some of that.  So have you gotten your Toronto poster yet?  

Happy Thanksgiving


Peter said...

I LOVE that poster Lou! It's on my list on must haves (even though its just a poster).

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Oohh mine is still in the shipping tube it came in - what frame did you end up with? I'm on the hunt!

MLG said...

I had it custom framed. Couldn't find anything it fit into perfectly... Just a basic, black slim frame. Loving it!