Sunday, September 26, 2010

Babies & More Finds!

I learned that my tiny loft is in need of some baby proofing.  My girlfriend Julia & her +6 month old stayed with me Friday night, and it was interesting...  Within 5 minutes of being on my rug Evan threw up on it.  Yikes!  Shortly after, I look back to see him stuck under the sofa.  And when it came to sleeping quarters, the playpen just fit into my teeny bedroom.   I've got some work to do if I intend on having my nephew or niece ever stay with me here.  More likely I'll be babysitting them in their own home, as clearly this tiny space is meant for 1.

Another visit to HomeSense (Sherway) to find my girlfriend Julia some Art, I couldn't help but spot some more great finds....

These "trendy" chairs now at HomeSense for (gasp) $79.99!

Missoni Home Bath towels for $24.99!  Great gift for the brand whores (like me!).

This broke my heart a little bit - basically the armchair version of my caned bistro side chairs I purchased from Hardware for only $99!  The light oak color is stunning.  (It's $350 at Hardware people!)

Ultra trendy vintage inspired wire storage with great wooden handles in lots of shapes/sizes!

Happy Sunday! 


Pop Champagne said...

oooh great finds!

Rambling Renovators said...

Those are great finds and the baby pic is adorable.

Designwali said...

FUnny pic! great finds..i need to hit a homesense soon!