Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maison & Objets - Paris

I was lucky enough to attend this year's Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris this month.  It was awe inspiring to say the least.  Building after building of beautiful product, enough to make my heart skip a few beats.  Here are some key trends:

1.  FUR - faux fur, cowhide, sheepskin.  Small 3 or 4 legged stools were everywhere, mostly in furs but also found in linens & burlaps.

 2.  CABBAGE ROSES - found on carpets mainly, pillows, and even furniture.  Retro love continues.

3.  ANATOLIA PATTERNS - This was largest theme, found on textiles (pillows, bedding, table linens), rugs, furniture.

4. VELVET - the new "linen" of furniture, velvet was everywhere and looked great in bold colors.

5. RETRO LOVE continues in general....

I heart Paris & must return on a girl's trip soon....


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Living the Toronto dream.

I've known Pomona for probably +8 years or so by now.  She's a fire bomb.  A whole lotta personality & attitude wrapped up into a petite little body.  I always knew the girl had mad style.   She's designed home products, sourced, and bought home products so clearly she knows a thing or two.  BUT little did I know she lives in the most spectacular townhouse I've ever seen in my life!  Every inch of this home is perfectly pulled together.  It is oozing with so much style it makes me nauseous.  Her modern aesthetic is mixed with her Indian roots & as a result her home shows a truly inspiring eclectic mix.

Her home confirmed to me even more that it's not about having a huge home but rather having a more manageable space that's furnished beautifully.  And that having it all while being close to the city IS possible. I know who I will be calling on for decorating help!


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Thanks to my handy new man, the light in the living room is up.  What. A. Score.  Love it! Also love the vintage bulbs I put it in.  It really added so much drama to the small space!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Serge Mouille, or not quite...

Some might say I am obsessed with lighting.  Well, they are right.  Lighting brings a space together, anchors a space, and sets the mood.  I call it "passion".  If you know me, you know that I cherish the works of Serge Mouille the most.  I am dreaming of the day I will own the famous armed pendant in my family home.  Or, the sconces next to my bed...  And mark my words, I WILL OWN an original.  If I have to take out my TJX Stocks to buy it, that's what I will do.

BUT, in this 700 square foot loft which is quickly making me claustrophobic, an inspired by version will do the trick.  I gasped while visiting West Elm last week to find a reproduction on clearance for get this... $74!  Brand new, in the box, and all mine for $74!!!  It won't even break my heart to leave it behind when I sell!

Let's drool a little at the works of  Serge Mouille....

And now for the wallet friendly find from West Elm:


Monday, October 17, 2011

Made (with love) in India

Just back from a buying trip to India!  While the schedule was um, hectic, I was thrilled with the on trend offerings coming from that market.  India, known for its handicraft merchandise, blew me away with far improved quality, fashionable assortments & better attention to detail.   The people were kind, respectful, and thankful.

It is eye opening to visit other countries through this job.  To see a glimpse of this over populated land (India is #2 in population (next to China) and #7 in size) reminds me what a small Country I live in.  We are #37th in population!  It also reminds me of the luxuries we take for granted everyday.  I am grateful that cows, donkeys & camels don't roam our streets.  And while the traffic in TO can be frustrating, it is nothing in comparison to New Delhi jams.  The honking in New Delhi & Jaipur made New York City seem quiet.

Below are some images of factory workers creating merchandise.  From hand loomed rugs, to hand painted table linens, to embellished pillows & poufs, and hand stitched embroidered chairs - the amount of work that goes into creating the beautiful products you buy for your home should not be taken for granted.  There are less & less factory workers as the economy strengthens in India & people have better career opportunities (as in China).  Handicraft may someday be a thing of the past, or at least will carry a very different price tag.  For now, enjoy..... When you see the "handmade in India" price tag, know that it's worth more than "machine made" or "made in China".

Women hand stitching pillows & poufs.

This woman quality checking the finished oversized pillows, cutting every last thread that stuck out...

This man is applying a very intricate painted pattern to high end table linens via many different (and heavy) stamp molds.  

The same man displaying what the end result will look like.  

This man is literally designing a rug, and drawing out the new pattern.

I was greeted at this appointment with a fresh flower Lei.  

Below video are factory workers hand knotting a wool rug.  Keep in mind it's +30 degrees and they will knot the rug all day. Pretty incredible!

I wish I could share images of the fabulous product I bought for our stores, however I am pretty certain that would break some sort of privacy rule!  Sadly, these buys won't be found on our sales floor until April at best.  Start making room in your home or dreaming up some new decor!