Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maison & Objets - Paris

I was lucky enough to attend this year's Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris this month.  It was awe inspiring to say the least.  Building after building of beautiful product, enough to make my heart skip a few beats.  Here are some key trends:

1.  FUR - faux fur, cowhide, sheepskin.  Small 3 or 4 legged stools were everywhere, mostly in furs but also found in linens & burlaps.

 2.  CABBAGE ROSES - found on carpets mainly, pillows, and even furniture.  Retro love continues.

3.  ANATOLIA PATTERNS - This was largest theme, found on textiles (pillows, bedding, table linens), rugs, furniture.

4. VELVET - the new "linen" of furniture, velvet was everywhere and looked great in bold colors.

5. RETRO LOVE continues in general....

I heart Paris & must return on a girl's trip soon....


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Liza Amlani said...

I feel like buying all new furniture :) LOVE your blog!!!!