Sunday, March 25, 2012

Living the Toronto dream.

I've known Pomona for probably +8 years or so by now.  She's a fire bomb.  A whole lotta personality & attitude wrapped up into a petite little body.  I always knew the girl had mad style.   She's designed home products, sourced, and bought home products so clearly she knows a thing or two.  BUT little did I know she lives in the most spectacular townhouse I've ever seen in my life!  Every inch of this home is perfectly pulled together.  It is oozing with so much style it makes me nauseous.  Her modern aesthetic is mixed with her Indian roots & as a result her home shows a truly inspiring eclectic mix.

Her home confirmed to me even more that it's not about having a huge home but rather having a more manageable space that's furnished beautifully.  And that having it all while being close to the city IS possible. I know who I will be calling on for decorating help!


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