Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sit'er down.

I've backed out of my Eames Rocker purchase for the living room.  Turns out it wasn't on order anyway.  After seeing it again at DWR over the weekend, I realized that the Eames Rocker I really want is the one manufactured in the 50's.  The one with the strong fiberglass shell that shows all that wear & tear.  I've been obsessing (shocker, I know) & checking Ebay daily.  Sadly those 50's rockers are going for a pretty penny, and many of the listings I see don't want to ship International....  I WILL have a vintage 50's Eames rocker someday, but for now the hunt for an occasional chair is on.

My living room is very small, and can only accommodate a slim proportioned chair.  This is why one designed in the 50's is perfect as furniture was much smaller scale back then.  My toss up is mid century modern mix of upholstery with wood, or a more traditional but clean lined wing chair.  And then, there's always the classic wooden Cherner chair which I know is just p-e-r-f-e-ct.  Reminder.

Oh God I am almost charging one to my Visa immediately.  I looove you Cherner chair.

Some faves:

Drives me crazy that there is no shipping to Canada.

This one has perfect proportions, by none other than my fave Canadian designer Sarah Richardson.  It's sleek, classic & I know just perfect for me.  Sarah's name on it makes it $$$.

Perhaps slightly too deep, the Carmichael chair by Style Garage is also a fave.  I enjoy the architectural lines, the tapered leg & of course the mid century feel.  I especially like that it's by the folks at Style Garage, whom I used to work with (& adored) when I was a buyer for Caban.

I am only obsessing about storage ideas & finally contacted a company named space solutions.  (  They will come on the 30th & look at the space, discuss ideas with me & (gasp) provide a quote.  I want some cabinetry in the bathroom for linens, built in storage in the bedroom, and built in bookcases above the living room window.

Off to the High Point show in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Have a great week!


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