Monday, October 25, 2010

Blame the Dimmers.

This week I had dimmers installed throughout my loft.  Including the bathroom.

It seems I can talk myself out of the gym with just about any excuse.  It's like I've pressed the "self destruct" button - I cannot get motivated.  It's so dark outside, chilly... and I have dim lighting in my bathroom.  This means - hot bath, dim lights, wine.

I even stuck myself a motivational note on the bathroom mirror (a la Josie College Days), but I can't fight the comforting thoughts of relaxation, wine, and solitude.   I'm going to have to start dating soon.  Surely the thought of some hot guy seeing me naked should be enough to get me moving.  You would think?

I've been checking EBay, 1st Dibs, Craigslit in the search of a vintage Eames chair.  Check out this one I found on 1st Dibs - it's actually a greyish color.  I am thinking a classic vintage piece might just be the perfect 30th birthday present to myself (if I can be patient).

Have you been on 1st dibs before (  A great site if you're ready to start building an artful collection...  (side note: helps to be rich)

Happy Monday ;-)


Blackbird said...

I love the sentiment on your note pad. How cute are you! When you're that cute I think it's ok to have a little fluff around the middle :)
You can get away with it.
Love you.

Autumn Surprise said...

Can't wait to see the new mood lighting in your place! xoxoxo

Designwali said...

i do love that grey chair....i can't hit the gym either.....i need some serious motivational juice or something to get me going.