Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vintage Treasures.

Bright & early Saturday morning my friend Cheryl, Carmon & their son Max & I headed out to the fantastic Christie Antique Fair outside of Hamilton for a sunny day treasure hunting! This market was filled with great finds. Less than an hour in, we had found the perfect piece for my entryway - hello storage!!!

Getting it home was a nightmare. Of course I bought it before checking what delivery rates were to Toronto, only to find out it was a $175 fee. Ouch. Oddly enough, a nice couple were inquiring about delivery to the same area, so we then started coordinating ideas as to how we could get each of our pieces home together & split the cost. After a lot of phone calls, and a drive to Home Depot where no vans or trucks were available, they ended up having to ship their screen for $175, but managed to fit my piece in their car & delivered it to me. So finally, $100, flowers & a thank you card later, the piece is home. And it's pretty freaking perfect!

A few more finds...

I learned a heck of a lot at my first major antique fair. Live & learn. I will be SO prepared for the fall fair (September 11th!). My mission next time is to get a vintage clay pottery collection started - I am so drawn to the beauty of these jars.

Also made a Hadley Hutton purchase on Etsy this weekend which I am so excited for!

Met up with Liza, Niki & Cheryl last night at Merlot - a great little restaurant in my new neighbourhood I will certainly be becoming a regular at! We had great service, and a LOT of wine... and then vodka.... and then more wine. Really wish I could sleep this hangover off rather than blog! When will I get my 8 hour sleep pattern back? This lack of solid sleep is really catching up to me.

Have a great sunny Sunday! xo

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