Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patterned out.

Thanks for the rug feedback ladies. The Amy Butler "Modern Love" rug has been ordered from the very fabulous site Thanks to Melissa for sharing the site, as I have really been killing myself thinking about rugs these last few weeks. Sounds ridiculous, but I've been obsessing (wait, it's ME we're talking about here maybe not so ridiculous)...

I am on a roll this week. I skipped out of work early today (too nice out to work, duh) & headed straight to Designer Fabrics. I found 4 fabrics I liked, and interestingly enough they were all SO different! One stripe, one geometric, one traditional, and one floral! Talk about versatility (or lack of signature style?). I needed a brainstorm, so Cheryl came over for a nice visit & we agreed on the floral! Yup, more floral ladies. But I love it! I've realized that I am always drawn to black outlines in florals or art - not quite sure why but I am always very much attracted... The one familiarity? Not one under $30/yard. Go figure. And the one we picked? Yup, the most expensive. We do have expensive (or good) taste. LOL

Here's the swatch over top a pillow to show contrast with the bedding. Fun! Once I get my upholstered linen headboard, it will all tie together beautifully. Yeah! One step closer.

I received some good news, my coffee table will be here early by mid July, NOT August! Yeah! And the sofa around the same time. I feel a September house warming coming on!

MLG xo


Blackbird said...

I just found an AMAZING hooked rug on that site. But they say they don't deliver to Canada. How did you order it?

Nice choices!!

MLG said...

Yes they do! When I checked out I had zero issues at all, and I called the customer service number & got shipping quotes too... Give them a call, they are an online store only. Mine ships in two weeks directly from Amy Butler!