Sunday, May 2, 2010


My day got all messed up today & I wound up with two hours to kill before my final entry into the Loft before it's officially mine. So I thought I'd check out G.J. Johnson's, as I hadn't been back there in two years! I had forgotten how much I love the Canvas Gallery within the store. It's filled with all Canadian artists, which I love even more. I now have two favorites, and guaranteed something from these artists will be mine in time... Right now I have some big splurges going on, but this will be next on the "need" list for sure.

This one was my favorite by Karen Kawarski. Just enough aqua blues... It's beautifully textured & she uses a high gloss epoxy resin that gives it a shiny finish. She also stretches it on vintage wood - stunning.

My 2nd favorite by the above artist. $2900.

This artist is Silvana Bruni. She uses mixed materials & its under glass. $1400.

If you haven't been in awhile, it really is worth checking out... Nothing like art to brighten your day :-)

Now the procrastination of packing must end. Ugh.


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