Friday, April 30, 2010

Cut a Rug

It is nearly impossible to find nice rugs under $4000! I was at Elte last night & fell in love with 4 out of thousands last night... Not one under $4K! Christ. I'm quite upset that Pottery Barn has gone all country yuck on me, as they had quite a nice selection this time last year! I'm looking for this feel in a hand tufted - can anyone help locate such a beauty in 5X8 for less than $1K?

The last one above was STUNNING - it's a flocked print & my ladies know how much I like to flock! :-)



Andrew said...

Before I leave my comment, I want to introduce myself. My name's Andrew Metrick. My great grandfather started ELTE in 1919 so that makes me, along with my brother, the fourth generation of my family to be working at ELTE. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and it's truly terrific. I make an effort to read as many home fashion blogs as I can so I'm so glad that I saw yours. Keep up the amazing work!

I'm so glad that you spent an evening browsing through our rug department. I grew up around this store so believe me – I know it can take a whole evening to see everything. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you saw our Cotton Dhurrie Collection because it's beautiful and it definitely hits the price point you're looking for. I just took a picture of one example from the line. See the link below:

It's 6 x 9 and its $745!

We're also holding our Modern Rug Event so you can save an extra 20% but the offer ends May 9th. (Okay now I’m starting to sound like a commercial). Anyway, there are lots of different designs and colours in that collection so if you happened to miss them, we’d definitely like to see you back here again this Thursday night. We also brought in a big shipment of rugs last Friday that are part of our “Second Life” collection. It’s definitely a must-see. You’ll absolutely love them.

Anyway, please be sure that the next time you come into ELTE, you ask for me as I would love to come and say hello.

MLG said...

Hi Andrew - Wow I didn't expect this feedback thank you!

I loved that dhurrie, it's exactly what I wanted but thought it might bother me to have a dhurrie vs. a wool pile... But I can't stop thinking about it!

I'll be back soon...