Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So much for easy.

I am obsessed with furniture & home, so you'd think this shopping stuff would be fun for me huh? Guess again! The pressure of having to find things I love so quickly is torturing me. It reminds me how little ressources we have in Canada. Crate & Barrel - check - Elte - check - West Elm - check - Style Garage - check - Design Within Reach - check - The Bay/Sears (yuck) - a few trendy sops along King/Queen, check. But think of Los Angeles, which is jammed packed with funky modern furniture stores, or NYC. It's quite pathetic (and maybe Cheryl & I really should venture off in this business...). I am wishing there was a Room & Board here badly.

I haven't gotten very far... Leaning towards the Petrie Sofa at Crate & Barrel which comes in apt size format.

Must find a way to incorporate these swing lamps from Style Garage - a nice take on Jean Prouve at a nicer price point...

As if you needed another pic of the stunning Saarinen table...

Contender for the dining room wallpaper... I didn't realize good quality wallpaper was so pricey! I am finding the UK prints I like best online for a fraction of the price vs. boutiques. Good to know!
It's going to take quite some time ladies, so don't expect an invite until August! ;-)
Love MLG

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Autumn Surprise said...

Everything looks gorgeous! Go into business! Can you send me your wallpaper online source?