Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A new home.

Last night I visited my new loft. To be honest, it's not exactly as I'd remembered...

Shocker #1 - It's teeny. I knew it was small, but I guess after a long day of visiting one tiny condo after another, I sort of got used to it. But after a week away, returning to the Loft was a bit of a shocker. It's still totally going to be great, but it's certainly going to be tight.

Sadly after taking some measurements with my dear friend Cheryl's help, there isn't much furniture I can take along. Not even my gorgeous Pottery Barn rug which happens to just slightly be bigger than my living room! Or my solid raw teak coffee & side tables... Sigh.

On a positive note, this should be the easiest move of my life!!! Kind of sad I need to hire movers really?!?
Shocker #2 - I somehow remembered the walls a glossy crisp white, meanwhile, they've only been primed! Lucky for me my agent has a good painter hookup who is going to paint my place for $600. Not bad I guess. Although I would love to be putting that money towards furniture....

Shocker #3 - I don't have floor to ceiling windows?!? Oh well, cheaper to do the blinds! (for which I got a wicked quote for last night from, if you need solar shades, Andy's the man!).

I have SO much to do! Another bonus of a small space is it requires less things! So, I can buy all the nicer things I want since I need so much less! Say it with me... Saarinen!
I'm still excited. And still sad too. But this too shall pass :-)

Entrance - my favorite part... love the concrete floors!

My "Den" which is directly viewed from the entrance, soon to become my dining area...

My teeny tiny living space.. I will make it work!

Terrible photography of the kitchen I know.. So there isn't a lot of cooking space, but heck I see a double sink, and stainless steel appliances!

And finally the bathroom.. Needs a few upgrades, but shiny & new!
If you're wondering where I'll be sleeping, there is a bedroom. Only it's so small, and there's no lighting so I couldn't quite photograph! Just picture a tiny square, that's it!
There you have it, 700 square feet of love. In time, it will feel like home.

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