Thursday, May 6, 2010

Money Money Money Money!

I sure know how to spend my cash faster than I make it! Seems all I have been seeing lately are $$ signs. Hire a painter, buy paint, buy wall paper & pay tons of duty on it then hire someone to hang it, hire someone to finish the concrete, hire movers, pay your lawyer, blah blah blah. And on top of it all, buy pretty much all brand new furniture, oh, and a laptop.
I spent a lot of money today - I ordered a Macbook (and am still devastated that the MacPro is no longer available in white) & then I processed my Saarinen Coffee table order with DWR. This is definitely the most money I've spent EVER. I also spent over $400 on paint this week since I just had to have "Aura" by Benjamin Moore. Why do I have to have the most expensive taste in the world anyway?

I feel like I need to prepare a list of key expenditures for my new Loft the way Sarah does on Sarah's House, but I don't even want to type out the figures it's so scary. Thank God I only have 700 square feet to decorate!

Next big splurges - a dramatic pendant & ivory cowhide rug for the dining area + a graphic rug for the living area.

To celebrate the official owning of my Loft today, I had a cupcake from Starbucks & got to see my precious little nephew Tristan.

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