Saturday, March 27, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I've been in major spending mode. After finally admitting that squeezing these birthing hips into my old size 26 jeans just wasn't working anymore, I cleaned out the old closet filling up yet another 3 large bags of donations. My sister loves her hand me downs. Well I did hang on to my Paige jeans, which I am still hopeful one day my stomach will be flat & I will wear my beloved once again. Wishful thinking.

Here are a few pics of some new additions to my wardrobe. Sadly, there are many more new purchases I just can't find images online to post!

Can you say CUT OFF?

From left to right: The Skinny jeans by Jbrand in Pure, Ruffle Tunic Dress Anthropologie, Floral Silk Tank by Joie, Striped Tee FCUK, Yellow Ruffle Skirt BCBG, Petal to the Metal Pouchette Marc by Marc Jacobs, Flashy Floral Dress from the new Garden Collection at H&M (ignore the last pic, it's part of the floral dress image!).


Blackbird said...

You bought ALL of these items!? You asshole!! They're all gorgeous. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm sitting in the same Roots hoodie I've been wearing for 4 nights straight. Imagine how lucky Brad feels when he looks at me ;)

I would trade my first born just to be able to pull off those jeans by the way.

Your vicariously-living-through-you-friend, always,

Autumn Surprise said...

Looking forward to seeing your hot ass, in your new place, in all of these things, VERY SOON.