Friday, March 19, 2010

Look who's home!

My package from DWR arrived at the office today & I wanted to scream I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get home & take my lamp out of the box, light it & aweeeee....... In case you're wondering, I do totally realize what a geek I am. I do know most people don't refer to furniture & lamps by their designer name/brand, but to me this Tolomeo Micro is like a new pair of Jimmy Choo's.

This has been the best week - minus the sugar cleanse I'm on... and the fact that it's Friday night & I am dying for a glass of red wine.... okay back to why my week has been SO fantastic - #1 is the sun, #2 is making up with my boyfriend, #3 having the office to myself this week at work & thus being more productive, #4 ending the week with my fabulous new lamp! I think this makes up for my last two hellish weeks. Thank you God!

I loved the retro packaging!

Next up, Saarinen! Stay tuned!


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