Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've got a crush.

Have you been to FCUK lately? I have.  And I would buy up the entire collection if I could.  This little dress has me wanting to host a dressy holiday party.  I must make up some excuse to have it (and we all know I am great at excuses).

Penelope Dress FCUK $198

Also, I've been a big fan of deer heads/moose heads/antlers since they started trending in home decor around 5 years back. 

Reminder pics of the trend:


Blame it on my Northern Ontario roots if you wish, but either way I still think they are a fabulous option for wall decor.  I have a big crush on the NEW all white ceramic animal heads I found at Elte yesterday.  And really, it's just a matter of time before I cave & go grab one.  My fave below:

Quite a few to choose from:

Do you love this fresh new take on animal heads?



Rambling Renovators said...

Hi MLG! Can you get in touch with me: Thanks!

Designwali said...

Okay...that dress is phenomenal....i want it too! Great choice!