Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bow happy.

I've just returned from a wonderful weekend getaway in NYC with some wonderful ladies.  We ate at some wonderful restaurants not to miss:

Must have the lil big macs!

Locanda Verde
Absolutely the best brunch ever!

La Esquina
An adorable Mexican place where you literally have to walk through the kitchen to get to the seating.  Amazing service, amazing food, amazing ambiance.  A 10!

Apart from eating, we shopped our little hearts out!  Or, to be honest, I shopped my little heart out! ;-)  I had some American $$$ saved away for a little USA shopping spree so I felt like I had play money.  Got a few great Fall staples like sweaters, cords, cargo pants...  Stopped at Fishs Eddy, always a fun shop!  If you haven't been you will love the flea market style of this shop & super whimsical & eclectic mix.  (http://www.fishseddy.com).  I couldn't help picking up a vintage style mint green Mortar & Pestle and a hilarious spoon rest that reads "rest in grease"....  Do I really have room for this?  Nevermind.

BUT, la piece de resistance came at Kate Spade.  Always a huge fan of Kate's, I'd never splurged on an accessory for myself but the time had come.  There was no way I could resist the Twirl bow bracelet in gold!
As if?  What a fun, girly piece.  Perfect for me! And, the doorman was so lovely he offered to take our picture on the stunning turquoise sofa.  (the man, as wonderful as he was, couldn't work a camera to save his life) The Kate Spade store in NYC is a must see - truly a beautiful space with so much attention to detail.  Creative & colorful. 

Oh New York, New York...  Always a slice!


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