Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lucy in the Sky,

3 months or so later, my Robert Abbey light fixture arrives at Union Lighting.  Yay!  The most talented Andrew at it again this morning.  I'm SO enjoying having lighting in the dining area.  I keep just flicking the dimmer on & off to see the space lit up!

I was thinking I may want it to hang a bit lower (I still have another extension) but after referring to my Domino coffee table book (a.k.a. the decorator's bible) it appears this is the perfect height.  Pendants are meant to hang between 30" & 34" from the height of your table.  This is at 30", and if Domino says it's right then I believe it.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without one mishap.  Little miss clutzy over here smashes into her wall with her bistro chair & rips up the beautiful wallpaper.  Seems nothing can ever be quite right.  Seriously, I can't keep a teeny space from getting scrapes & dents, wtf am I to ever do with children?  Every time stuff like this happens, it reminds me not to spend all my hard earned cash on these material things that actually don't even last.  I believe Ikea is making a comeback people. ;-)

Many travels this week, including an upcoming weekend getaway with some lovely ladies to NYC.  So excited!

Have a great week everyone!



Rambling Renovators said...

Love the light and how it works with the wallpaper. Too bad about the wallpaper... but I'm sure you're the only who'll notice it.

Liza said...

love it!!!! and so sorry about your looks like a small tear so maybe we can cover it up somehow? can't wait for NYC!!!!!