Sunday, June 20, 2010

must. budget. not. rich.

Finding the perfect pendant for my dining den has been a challenge. Every time I find something I love, the quote is anywhere between $1500 - $7000! Yes, I even emailed to get a quote on a designer pendant I loved & it was over $7000! Sadly, I cannot spend that kind of cash on a light fixture, who can? I wanted something a bit retro (multi arms) or with an industrial edge. I searched, and searched... Went to every good lighting shop in the city multiple times without success. I found a few I liked, but then the maximum drop would be too high for my 10.5" ceilings. What I have concluded, is I have really freaking expensive taste.

Finally yesterday I'd had enough. I found this metal multi light sphere, and decided it would have to work. I like it - it's just not at all what I had envisioned for the place. It's definitely modern! Or arguably a tad bit contemporary. Best of all it didn't break the bank, at $489. The thought of going back to Union Lighting was too much for me. It turns out I kept picking Robert Abbey pieces the most without knowing it - the pendant for my bedroom is Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey.

But, as my luck has it, the fixture is a best seller & on back order. So, we're looking at late July for this too at best. I'm not holding my breathe. Yes, it's another circle. What can I say, I have a thing for circles...

I'm feeling really frustrated in my home life. It just seems nothing is coming together! I know it will, but it's really testing my patience. Good thing I am never home!



Autumn Surprise said...

ohhhh, I love it. :) It will come together hun. xoxo

Josie said...

Can you please take to this store?!