Sunday, May 16, 2010

My new lofty life.

I moved into my loft last Sunday. It's SO good to be here, and it's keeping my mind off the heartbreak. I am just loving the fact that I can buy whatever I want & not ask for any permissions or opinions. Let's face it, I like to do things my way. When it comes to the house, I don't bend much. I feel so free to do what I want!

The move was fairly painless (minus the emotional breakdowns all day long) as Arby's Cartage, movers recommended by Kim & Peter, were fantastic! Unpacking, however, was very painful. It's quite difficult to adjust to a downsize. I had a lot more stuff than I thought I did, and somehow had to make it all fit in less cupboards, and only two closets in total.... In total people!!! And no linen closet!

Somehow I managed to get all boxes unpacked & put away with the exception of books... I'm looking to get some custom built storage done above the windows in the living room to take care of those. In time....

I don't have any before & after pics for you today, as there isn't anything complete ;-( however, there is some wallpaper installation scheduled this week so if all goes well stay tuned for pics of the results!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share the fabric I purchased at In View. I'm back on the blues people.. I can't seem to get away from them! So I'm off the yellow kick, for now... From top to bottom: {1}turquoise fabric to be used to pipe all throw pillows (my brilliant friend Cheryl's idea!) {2} floral recycled fabric with greys/beige/black coloration for one throw pillow, {3}grey white geometric "David Hicks" inspired fabric to be used for two throw pillows, {4} sofa fabric.

And finally, my favorite thing yet! Have you ever seen a cuter bathmat EVER? Didn't think so. Worth every penny!


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