Monday, November 30, 2009

Shop Shop Shop

Well it's that wonderful time of year again, the Holidays are right around the corner! It's amazing to think another year has gone by. Seems they go by so quickly now, it's all a bit of a blurr. Regardless, the Holidays are so much fun. All the yummy food, the cocktails, the cuddles near the tree, the Christmas lights brightening every street, laughs with family & friends & of course... presents.

I'm not gonna lie, presents are STILL my favorite part. Giving & receiving! Although now that I'm grown up (sort of) there are certainly less of them, and seems every year we're saying "no presents this year" or cutting back to 1 single gift exchange. Understandably - money doesn't grow on trees. So the gifting is quite limited.
Seeing as I'm a shopaholic, I'm not difficult to shop for. And if you know me, you know I love brand names. Mom always needs a little guidance still, so although I'll only likely get 1 gift from my wish list, still fun to put together my most desired gifts for 2009. (I am at home sick today, can you tell?)

A few favorites from Michael Kors (

Hamilton Patent Leather Handbag $260USD

Michael Kors Midsized Ceramic White Watch $450 USD

Pottery Barn always gas great barware. I was happy to see that this year they added an Owl to their bottle stopper collection. Owl Bottle Stopper $12USD

I sure could use a professional series hair dryer. This one's from Sephora T3 Pro Dryer $119 USD.

Winter boots this year are a must. I wrecked my regular Uggs last year by wearing them in wet snow. This year, I'd love a warm weather proof pair of boots. These Capstone Ugg boots look great too!

Since I went & lost my precious Tiffany's necklace Ryan bought me, I need something new to wear. This one's simple, and affordable - $200 CDN.

Also love the simple Frank Gherry piece $150CDN:

Also love the Frank Gherry earrings $270CDN:

And the simple 10MM bead earrings would be great as well ($120CDN).

Anything from Anthropologie is sure to suit me just well! Love the little owl earrings I found at

My favorite perfume (I'm all out!) is Angel by Thierry Mugler. It ain't cheap!

After vacationing in Jamaica, (and practically breaking the BF's camera in Dunns River Falls!) I've learnt that a Waterproof case for your camera would be a great thing to have! ($285CDN)

Believe it or not, I could go on. Shocking isn't it? Oh I could add a luxurious Marimekko throw blanket, or a cashmere wrap sweater, a designer umbrella, a designer lamp, some unique serveware, some artsy pottery, great coffee table books, etc.etc.etc.
Awwww, the life of a shopaholic.
Enjoy shopping season!

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