Sunday, October 4, 2009

Faking out.

Well, I've officially gone there. I was in Boston last week, and visited a HomeGoods store (the US' HomeSense) and found a pretty little cream dahlia in a glass vase (very similar vessel to my adored Caban candle holders!) and I just loved it! I figured, what the heck, for only $12.99, I'll just give it to Mom if I can't learn to live with a fake!

See, I have poked fun at my Mother my whole life for having fake flowers. Truthfully though, my Mom has a fake forest in her house. Perhaps should it have been a tad bit more edited it wouldn't have urked me so much! Guess all that making fun of her cursed me into being assigned to buying fake flowers for a living... However, 6 months in, I'm surprisingl having fun with the category.

MAYBE I can get used to the idea of this little fake dahlia in my bedroom, not sure.... One thing is for sure, I will NOT be making a habit of this!

Fear not my friends, my love for real flowers is still very much alive! I'm loving these white Gladiolas I got at Loblaws this week for only $7.99! (although do the math, $12.99 for a fake lasts forever, $7.99/week... yikes! Ok let's skip the math...)

Love MLG

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Blackbird said...

This is the first time I'm reading your blog (why didn't you ADVERTISE to me that you had one!?) and it is SO funny!
I can totally hear your voice when I read it.
A sign of a great writer for certain.
xxxxxo Em