Friday, April 3, 2009

Shoes = Happiness.

There is something about shoes that always seems to brighten my day. Its the perfect "pick me up" when having a fat day (or days). Shoes always fit. They always make you feel sexy. Put on a new pair of shoes, and you're a new woman.

The 3rd StyleSense opened at Heartland (practically next door to my house). It's a little to close for the bank account. The store is gorgeous, filled with desirable brands (Coach, Juicy Couture, Todd's, BCBG, LAMB, Prada, Gucci, etc.) and it's all shoes, handbags & accessories - a.k.a heaven.

I was tempted to buy a new handbag (I returned the gorgeous LAMB tote I had purchased, disappointed with the quality) but I reminded myself that what I actually need are black flats. My Aldo flats have, well, expired. So I settled for a cute Juicy pair... surprised that they even had my size since the opening was yesterday & I imagined it would have been largely picked over. How could I resist?

I am sure I could have found them cheaper in the States (I googled, they're last year's style), but whatev. It's Friday, and I deserve it damnit.

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