Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

I've returned from a week of business travel & don't remember being happier to get home EVER.  Not sure if it's the 5 flights in one week, or the 4 hours of daily driving in California, or the 12 hour days (likely all of the mentioned) but I am tired.  I came home to some beautiful flowers, courtesy of Melissa (my heterosexual life partner).  The ceramic vase was actually one that contained faux florals, which I ripped out to save the vase.

Thank you Melissa, you brightened my weekend :-)

I leave you with a tribute to my favourite Lighting designer, Serge Mouille.  I can't wait until the day where I am blessed to come home to one of these coveted pieces.  There really isn't any more beautiful lighting in the world in my eyes.

Happy Weekend!

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