Sunday, February 28, 2010

Etsy Finds.

I'm searching for a wall coat rack to hang in our main entrance. Our main entrance is very ackward, as it's too tight of a hall way to add any storage furniture of any kind. A simple wall coat rack would be quite practical (and sorta the only alternative).

I turned to Etsy (obviously) and found a few I love:

One of my fave's (I have 4!) from The Crosby's.
More in line with our current modern aesthetic.

BUT, check out these vintage ceiling tiles from The Recycled Relics!

I'm torn... Stick to new/modern, or start to inject some Vintage flair? A vintage coat rack just isn't enough...

Let me hear your thoughts ladies!

Also, how CUTE are these little owl pillows from Fong's Studio? Come on. How I wish I had a nursery to decorate. :-(



Josie said...

Oh my goodness! I love that little owl pillow! Too much fun. As far as the hooks go, you know I love vintage, but I think the first one would look better in your hallway. xo

Blackbird said...

Totally voting vintage.
And, just so you know, nurseries are way cuter when there are no babies in them.

I really enjoyed making mine cute and now there's shit everywhere. Books on the shelves upside down...and of course her favourite dolls are the cheap ugly fricking Walmart ones.

So go ahead and decorate a nursery in your home before you have a kid. That's the best advice you'll get from me all year :)