Saturday, August 8, 2009

Light my Fire.

I have a love affair with lighting. I cannot walk into a home store that sells lighting & resist taking a peak at their offerings... You would likely be weirded out if you knew how much I think of lighting randomly. No matter where I am - your house, a restaurant, a store, a showroom - I always take note of the lighting. In my opinion, lighting can really transform a space (but the lamps must be fabulous!).

My faves, below....

1. Tolomeo Mini (Michele De Luchi) 2. Verner Panton (Fun Pendant) 3. Orbit Chandelier (Patrick Townsend) 4. Aquatinta Suspension Clear (Michele De Luchi) 5. Random Light (Bertjan Pot for Moooi) 6. Potence Wall Sconce (Jean Prouve)

Lighten up!

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CatLeccia said...

Great post!
Design Lovers, get inspired!!