Sunday, August 2, 2009

Etsy Art

There's really no better place to browse affordable art then All of my friends are hooked. I have an extended list of "favorites", and never seem to have a problem finding new additions to the selection...

My latest buys are:

1) Entitled "Maybe" by Yellena. If you haven't checked out Yellena's work, you really must. She uses the most vibrant colors, and is exceptionally creative. I decided on this one, as the colors & boldness of the hair just reminded me of the depth, the complexity, and the beauty of our minds. Somehow it had an Erykah Badu feel for me - not only with the big African like afro, but it just reminded me of some of her powerful lyrics. Can't really explain it, but I just digged it.

2) Entitled "Pieces" by Leah Duncan. I loved the composition of this one, and the coloring. I am definitely a fan of Leah's work. It arrived in the mail with a cute little note & a card - a very nice added touch from the artist!

These are just sitting in my closet for now, until I tackle the next big project in the house. The basement. But they will make a nice addition to the space! I want to make a collage of art on one wall (I know, so original LOL) so I am getting the collection started on Etsy!

Happy Shopping!

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